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Aaron T. Murphy

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I will work hard to ensure that the community of Johnson City, TN as a whole achieves its highest potential in every way. 


During my years of working with leaders in various states throughout the country and here in Johnson City, TN, I am convinced that in order achieve greater progress/success, we must serve and value the collective interests of every member and voice in our community. It is important that we focus on the common goals and shared values that benefit every member of our community because they greatly out number our differences. 


  • Community Relationships

    • Strengthen existing and build new relationships between community businesses, churches, organizations, groups, and individuals.

    • Continue to lead race and generation reconciliation efforts. 

    • Work with community service organizations to eliminate the duplication of services resulting in more community accountability. 

    • Lead the efforts in forming community collaborations for the purposes of overall community advancement. 

  • Educational Development

    • Support and empower teachers to educate tomorrow’s leaders and workforce.

    • Ensure parents and guardians are viewed as valuable partners in education.

    • Continue to lead efforts in educating our homeless and low-income neighbors in life skills, financial management, and job training. 

    • Create more job training program partners for those who were formerly incarcerated and addicted.  

  • Economic Recovery

    • Assist businesses to become better equipped for enduring not just the current pandemic challenge but future challenges as well (strengthen their preparedness and resilience).

    • Reallocate resources and workers from failed businesses and investments to new collaborated opportunities for economic growth. 

    • Work with existing and new businesses to create job opportunities. 

    • Encourage community members to support local businesses first before seeking opportunities elsewhere. 


  • “I am so proud of Aaron. He is a strong leader in our community who is doing a great job!” - Rev. Dr. C.H. Charlton (Former Vice Mayor of Johnson City, TN)

  • “He is a cutting-edge leader leading a cutting-edge organization.” - Robert D. Lipton (Author of Toxic Charites)

  • “Aaron carries a reputation of leading us from chaos to community.” - Rev. Philmont Bostic (St. Paul A.M.E. Zion Church) 

  • “One of Johnson City’s most trusted leaders.” - Josh Smith (WJHL)

  • “I’ve seen Aaron do nothing but phenomenal work during his time in Johnson City.” - Randy Hensley (Coalition for Kids)

  • “This young man will do great things!” - Rev. Dr. Noel C. Taylor (Former Mayor of Roanoke, VA) 

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